Gustavo LoretoGustavo Lorento-Sierra is a Gerontologist and Humanistic Psychologist with 17 years of experience in working with Older Adults in different fields like Preventive Health, Human Development, Gerontology and Geriatric Care, Assisted Living and Residential Services Management. Graduate with honours at National Autonomous University of Mexico in Social Psychology, Fellow 2003 – 2005 for the European Masters Gerontology by Vrije Universiteit Van Amsterdam and University of Malta.

His training and experience has been in Mexico, United States, several European countries and New Zealand. He is Chief Executive and Co-founder of Meridia®, a chain of Adult Day Care Centres in Mexico City and he is the author of Gerocare Method©, a proprietary system for operations and administration implemented in the adult day centres with international best practices and includes special level of care for people with physical dependence, cognitive impairment and dementia. He has taught and organized courses, workshops, diplomas and international conferences (Mexico, USA, Argentina and Greece) with gerontological topics and has participated and collaborate with various educational institutions: La Salle University, University of Malta, Iberoamericana University, The National Polytechnic Institute, and others. Also he ha experience working in Public field with The National Institute For the Older Adults and Geriatrics.

He is Founder and Chief Executive of VIVE+, a homecare company of DABVSA Group. He has collaborated in the development of areas of care and gerontology at several geriatric residences; he has adapted European and American assisted living models to the Mexican culture. He is editorial advisor of Reforma (Newspaper) in the “Life” section, participates regularly in TV shows like “Dialogues in Confidence” Channel 11, radio programs with gerontology and social issues, has been interviewed as an entrepreneur in magazines like “Forbes”, “Entrepreneur”, “Vertigo”, among others. Is an honorary member of international organizations to improve the quality of life of older adults, such as the Mexican Association for Retirement Communities, AC, and board member of the National Adult Day Services Association of America. Collaborate in operational and administrative improvement projects in Private and Civil non-profit Organizations and research projects of the National Institute of Geriatrics.