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 Growing Multi-Generational CommunitiesIn a major new series on Health and Aging, published in The Lancet, the authors emphasize that the responsibility for improving quality of life for the world s older people goes far beyond the health sector.

Leading the way in one of the practical applications of this sentiment is CAFÉ, a project of the Los Altos Community Foundation in Santa Clara County, California and beyond, to advance understanding of Age-Friendly cities and communities. CAFE intends to drive transformational change in creating healthy, active, sustainable, and engaged inter-generational communities.

The vision for CAFE, conceived under the guidance of Dr Anabel Pelham, PhD.* is a world in which older people flourish and thrive within vibrant communities that richly fulfill the eight domains of The World Health Organization s (WHO) Age-Friendly Cities quality of life indicators. These include indicators such as respect and social inclusion, community support, transportation, and communication.

The Center will serve as a home for public and private resource generation, tangible and measurable best practice projects, and multimedia distributed information. It will study and develop Los Altos and Los Altos Hills as model age-friendly living labs and extend evidence-based practice to surrounding communities in Santa Clara County and elsewhere.

Growing Multi-Generational CommunitiesWhy CAFE?

Worldwide, we are increasingly living in aging societies. This dramatic demographic shift offers both challenges and opportunities.

Academic Gerontology has made huge progress in explaining and predicting the metrics of what constitutes quality of life for older persons and a central emerging theme is the powerful influence of community and context in which aging takes place.


CAFE intends to assume a leadership role in advancing our understanding and creation of Age-Friendly cities and communities by applying research and best practices of academic Gerontology to the task of advancing livable communities for all generations.

* Dr Anabel Pelham, Ph.D. is president of the National Association of Professional Gerontologists (NAPG) and professor and founding director of the Gerontology Program at San Francisco State University.

CAFE is a Los Altos Community Foundation Program.